Architect Claire Stephens Hits Milestone in Unique Journey!.

Accomplished architect Claire Stephens reaches a milestone, crowning her unique journey in the field of architecture.

Claire Stephens embarked on her architectural journey after leaving school at 18, initially exploring various roles such as a teaching assistant, barmaid, and call centre operative. Feeling unfulfilled and seeking an outlet for her creative skills, she joined ADW Partnership in 2003 as an office junior.

While at Architects LE1, Claire discovered her passion for architecture. During a staff appraisal two years into her employment, she expressed her aspiration to pursue a career as an architect. The positive response from the partners set the stage for a transformative journey.

Over the next seven years, Claire dedicated herself to part-time studies, earning a BA(Hons) in Architecture (RIBA Part I). This was followed by two years of full-time study to complete herMasters (RIBA Part II). Post-recession challenges added complexity to her journey, delaying her pursuit of the final professional qualification.

In 2015, Claire found the right work environment at Corporate Architecture Ltd, providing the confidence and support needed to embark on the final stage of her qualification. Midway through her Part III Qualification through the RIBA, she transitioned to Design Studio Architects in Leicester.

The encouragement and support from Design Studio Architects were pivotal during the final stages of submission, exam, and interview, ensuring Claire successfully attained full qualification and registration as an Architect.

Reflecting on her unique journey, Claire expressed pride in persevering through challenges, stating,

“Although the journey was far from ‘traditional’ and particularly lengthy, every step was tailored to suit my life circumstances. Achieving this milestone is a source of immense pride for me.”

Claire is poised for a promising career in architecture and is currently engaged in delivering various projects with DSA, showcasing her passion, dedication, and the resilience that defined her remarkable journey.

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