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Our Approach

Building Information Modeling

With sustainability in architecture in mind. We create robust technical standards and ongoing investment in staff, training them in the latest advances in architectural software. 

The team operates in both AutoCad and Revit offering BIM solutions.


Combining the latest 3D Visualisation software with Virtual Reality headset technology we are able to create an engaging experience allowing you to interact with your bespoke design in first person. We’ll provide a VR headset that can be combined with your Smartphone, so you and your family can experience your design in 3D.

If you’re planning an architectural project and you’d like to learn more about how Design Studio Architects can provide you with an immersive virtual reality experience, get in touch to book your initial consultation.

Sustainability In Architecture

We strive to provide a practical approach when it comes to architecture with our customer-centric approach and sustainability in mind. We are passionate about the quality of the design, spaces, and innovative living spaces that work in harmony with both our lifestyle and the environment. 

Understanding the urgency of acting swiftly and cooperatively to tackle the severe challenges to our society by climate changes, we work closely with our clients, the local authorities, the engineers and other consultants, our partners, and the local communities, towards sustainability goals in our projects. At Design Studio Architects, to be considered as a good design, any proposal must always be environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, including sustainability’, therefore we have signed up for the RIBA’s 2030 Climate Challenge. We aim to bring the RIBA’s Sustainable Outcome Guide into practice, monitoring our progress through tangible indicators. By doing this, we will continue emphasising sustainability in architecture and the construction industry in general.

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