OEM Automatics Leicester HQ.

OEM Automatics Leicester HQ


The new entrance has created a new lease of life to the building and the improvements to the façade have allowed the building to be better utilised by making use of internal spaces which preciously remained unused.

OEM Automatics provides components for industrial automation. The company have offices across Europe and the Leicester offices have been on their premises since the 1990s.
DSA was instructed to bring a new lease of life to a building which had become outdated and was in the need of modernisation and reflects the direction the company was going in.
The car park was known to be confusing for visitors and the entrance was un-inviting, the thermal envelope of the building was also problematic for users as spaces were being un-used due to lack of thermal comfort, mainly due to glass blocks being used on the façade.
Working with the civil engineers, DSA were able to design a new car park solution which created additional spaces, electric charging points and cycle parking. The entrance was re-visited to create a more approachable and inviting space. Whilst the façade was re-visited with new cladding solutions to reflect the company’s corporate colour scheme and large double-glazed windows replaced the poor glass blocks. The works were completed in late 2018

Client: OEM Automatics
Value: Undisclosed
Project Status: Complete
A contemporary and inviting new take on the former building

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